Superior Construction Materials for Ontario

When you are constructing homes or offices of the highest quality, turn to us, the EMM Group for a full range of superior ICF construction materials across Eastern Ontario and the Outaouais. With years of experience and a constant commitment to our customers’ satisfaction, it is clear to see why EMM Group is a trusted local source of Insulating Concrete Forms and other long-lasting building materials.

No matter what your construction or renovation project entails, you will find everything you need from ICFs, insulated foam boards, reinforcing steel and other materials by counting on EMM Group. Based in Sarsfield (Ottawa), ON, EMM Group is proud to offer key distribution services in Eastern Ontario and the Outaouais. For tried and true service from start to finish, choose EMM Group.

Taper Panels

Taper Panels have been designed for brick or stone support at the top of a foundation when completing the balance of the structure with stick lumber and/or to provide additional concrete surface for wider load bearing. A double taper top panel at the top of the foundation provides excellent support for log homes.

Standard Panels

Standard Panels are the workhorse of the system and can be combined with other standard panels, brickledge panels or taper top panels.

Integra Bucks

Integra Bucks have been specially designed to slide into the interior dovetail grooves found on all IntegraSpec® panels, securing the opening from concrete loss and bulging and providing a single substrate for finishing. Bucks are molded with inserts embedded in place to secure windows or doors directly through the frame. Integra Bucks eliminate the need for costly wood or plastic products.

90° Corner Set

90° Corner Set includes an inside and outside panel for simple 90° alignment. The patented bi-directional feature means no searching for lefts and rights, one set does all. Additional inserts at the outside corner provide more furring capability where it is needed.

Integra Headers

Integra Headers are a unique panel used to frame/form the top of any opening. Panels are designed to sit on top of our Integra Bucks providing a uniform substrate for finishing, eliminating the need for costly wood or plastic products. Integra Headers also increase the energy efficiency of the ICF system.

90° Commercial Corner Set

The 90° Commercial Corner Set is used with 8″ Web / Spacers or larger. The outside panel features a thicker, rounded corner for additional support and better concrete flow. It also has more inserts molded on the interior of the corners for another Web / Spacer to be placed providing additional reinforcement.

Web / Spacer

Patented Web / Spacers have been designed for easy flow of concrete and are available in 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ sizes to create any desired concrete thickness. Tips have unique interlocking clips that eliminate form lift while placing concrete. This feature saves cost on tape, ties and glue commonly used with other ICFs. Web / Spacers can be snapped in half while still maintaining the interlocking clip.

45° Corner Panels

The 45° Corner Panels are pre-formed to provide quick 45° angles. Inside 45° Panel and an Outside 45° Panel are not bundled together in case of different quantities requirements when using brickledges.

“H” Clip

Patented “H” Clip is designed to link two or more Web / Spacers to create larger concrete thicknesses and common wall designs such as pilasters and buttresses. The use of an “H” clip along with the independent panel design of IntegraSpec® provides the user the flexibility and versatility to easily create any size, height and design of wall without the encumbrance of multiple form units required of ridged ICF blocks.

Brickledge Panels

Brickledge Panels have been designed to support brick or stone when using an ICF for more than one level. Additional grooves are formed into the ledge to accept additional reinforcement bars for support.

IntegraFB Products

IntegraSpec® recently launched their IntegraFB product line.

The IntegraFB are foam boards made of very high quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) and available in various thicknesses / R-values, sizes and low to extremely high compressive strength.

The IntegraFB product line provides a more cost-efficient solution to insulating almost everything and in any type of construction and / or renovations such as: footings, floors, walls, ceilings and roofs, driveways, pools, patios, garages, slabs on grade, warehouses, factories, coolers, freezers, barns, pet shelters, man caves and the list goes on!

Another exciting product is the “IntegraFB HydroPx,” which is a specially designed shape molded foam board for insulating hydronic / radiant heated concrete slabs. The foam boards incorporate a pattern of foam protrusions for the easy placement and fast securing (no tying or stapling) of the hydronic plastic tubing (at every 3” [76mm] both ways). This foam board insulation may also be used inverted for providing an air space for radon gas control under slabs or even for sub floors / retrofit applications.

Also available upon request are laminated EPS foam boards, either with reflective foil (one or both sides) or with an air barrier which can be ordered in various thicknesses / R-values and compressive strengths.

Architectural shapes such as columns, trims, corbels, decorative parts of various shapes may also be accommodated as special orders.

The IntegraFB (Foam Board) product line complements the IntegraSpec® ICF and therefore completes the Green Building Envelope to maximize the energy efficiency of buildings and to further comply and or exceed LEED – Net Zero – Passive House – Zero Energy Plus requirements / standards.

IntegraFB is a trademark of Phil-Insul Corp.